14 public sustainable housing in Formentera

Sant Ferran, Formentera


Life Reusing Posidonia is a public protection housing project that aims to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. This project is about the construction and monitoring of a 14 public protection housing in Sant Ferran (Formentera, Balearic Islands). It is a LIFE+ project of sustainable construction of public housing, promoted by IBAVI (Balearic Institute of Housing) in collaboration with the Directorate General of Energy and Climate Change of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands.

Societat Orgànica participated in this project by providing technical-environmental assessment to the IBAVI technical team for the incorporation of criteria and recommendations on reducing energy consumption, water and materials, as well as reducing waste generation and CO2 emissions in the life cycle of buildings. These criteria were determined from the experience in architecture projects in the area, and, also, from the study and determination of improvement options in the development of the basic ans executive project.


Developer: Institut Balear de l’Habitatge (IBAVI), Carles Oliver.

Architects: M.A. Garcás Roig, A. Martín Procopio, J. Moyá Costa, C. Oliver Barceló, A. Reina Ferragut.

Year: Asesoramiento ambiental 2010-2011 – Finalización del proyecto: 2017


Photography rights: Reusing Posidonia