Publication on how to improve energy efficiency in Madrid housing buildings

Comunidad de Madrid


Publication addressed to the residential buildings managers, that suggest steps ans their practical application for reduction of energy consume with the title: “Guía de Eficiencia Energética para Administradores de Fincas” (Energy Efficiency Guide for Property Administrators).


Idea creation, graphic communication strategies, research topics to be addressed, composition of all contents, realisation of drafts of some images, graphics, tables and illustrations. Attendance to the layout, in collaboration with Arturo Meler, to the selection of all the images of other authors, in collaboration with Liliana Bollini.


Developer/Sponsor: Comunidad de Madrid

Client: Fundación Gas Natural Fenosa

Public presentation: done in 2007 in Canal de Isabel II, Madrid

Publication form: book of 148 pages of 20 x 22 cm

Developed in collaboration with Albert Cuchí (UPC)


Photography rights: Publication – Fundación Gas Natural Fenosa