Environmental quality in buildings: methodology for the environmental improvement of building

Publication about the work methodology for environmental impact reduction of buildings aimed at all agents of edification sector that have direct effect in him (administration, developers, project executors, builders, building managers and demolition companies), that include the different phases of building life cycle (legislation, promotion, project, building, use and demolition).

The 1st chapter defines the claim of suitability in construction and the roles that the sector agents can develop in environmental improvement. Chapters 2nd to 6th explain all that can do in the different phases of building life cycle (promotion, project, building, use and demolition) to reduce its environmental impacts. In Chapter 7st, there are three cases (project, building and use) of good practises. In chapter 8st offers more than 70 help tools, most of them free, these are organised according to life cycle and the agent in which are aimed to.


Client: Department of the Environment and Housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Sponsor: European Union, Sara Project

Publication form: book of about 200 pages of 17 x 24 cm bound in paperback

Design and layout: Liliana Bollini and Ethel Baraona


Photography rights: Publication – Generalitat de Cataluña