Advice on energy efficiency and waste management in the restoration of the PCiTAL building in Lleida

Parc de Gardeny, Lleida


Environmental assessment  to the direction for place the recycling ratios of the waste generated in the restoration work over the 50%, according to the Pla de Catalunya de Residus de Construcció objectives.


In this restoration, now in project basic, Societat Orgànica carried out an environmental assessment to the architect team with the objective of optimise building’s energy demand. Once the construction phase has started, it carries out an assessment in management and recovery of waste that will be generated throughout this phase.

This work is considered as an assessment to the specialist management and, at the same time, to the construction company through periodic work meetings in which the objectives to be met ans the actions to be developed are set out. From here, the construction company develops ans executes an internal waste management plan in compliance with its environmental quality standard ISO 14000, while the specialist management carries out detailed control and monitoring. Societat Orgànica, in addition to carrying out some site visits, reviews the reports that both are generating and proposes new improvements actions.


Developer: Consortium of the Agro-Food Science and Technology Park of Lleida

Clients: Pich-Aguilera and Josep Ma Puigdemasa

Year: 2007

Budget: 9,426,208.00 €

Area: 19,020.00 m2


Photography rights: Josep Ma Puigdemasa