Barcelona City Council: Projects for the climate

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The awarded project consists of the development of an action plan that will trigger as a result of a research work done by the students of the education centre. The students will receive technical support by Societat Orgànica and BIOHABITA, as a specialists in energy efficiency, sustainability, water management, and waste management. The project will ensure benefits by introducing green considerations into different spaces and materials and systems to improve the energy consumption and comfort.

The project, which will be piloted in the Quatre Cantons High School, will seek to exert an influence and spread the actions suggested in a group: teenagers between 12 and 16 years, who can communicate the good practises to their usual academic environament, but also to their homes, so their knowledge work can be spread out to several families.


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Developer: Gerència d’Ecologia UrbanaAjuntament de Barcelona

Team:  Instituto Quatre Cantons and BIOHABITA

Year: 2019 (developing)


Photography rights: Instituto Quatre Cantons