RMT-NITA Natural thermal insulation: Analysis of the life cycle and opportunities for improvement



Environmental study assessment about the current situation and improvement proposal for the environmental impact reduction of wool sheep and cotton naturals thermal isolation.


Main indication used: manufacture energy, manufacture and environmental CO2 emissions toxicity . Includes the LCA design summarised, gathering and/or data elaboration, current situation diagnosis and analysis, comparison with other products of market thermal isolation, study of main techniques of market thermal isolating products  (flakes, cloaks and plaques) in building, setting improvement for impact reduction and results simulation with added improvements in manufacturing process.

The work included the brand design RMT-NITA, as well, corporation image, catalogues and website, in collaboration with Sebastián Guerrini.


Client: Recuperación de Materiales Textiles, SA

Materials on which it has been worked: natural sheep wool (from shearing of animals) and natural cotton recycled (pre and post consumption) for the manufacture of thermal insulation in flakes, mantles and plaques.

Year: 2008-2009


Photography rights: Recuperación de Materiales Textiles, SA