Fabián López Speech: ‘La Borda, cooperative housing with environmental quality criteria’

In the framework of the 5th Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Congress held in Madrid last January 28th, Fabián López, as a representative of Societat Orgànica and member of the team led by Lacol cooperative of architects, gave the speech entitled: “La Borda, promotion of cooperative housing with environmental quality criteria”.

Societat Orgànica was part of the team that developed the project, providing advice, designing and working side by side with other team membres to implement strategies and actions to reduce the environmental impact of the building. The participation os Societat Orgànica in the project was a great experience for the whole team, especially considering the privilege of working in a pioneer project in the city of Barcelona given its participatory and self-managing approach, its compromise with the reduction of the environmental impact and user’s vulnerability mitigation, and also given its vanguard technical approach.

Please check the media below to listen to the complete presentation of Fabián López.


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