Societat Orgànica participates in La Xarxaire cooperative housing project

Societat Orgànica is carrying out environmental assessment and energy certification tasks in a cooperative housing project promoted by the Cooperativa La Xarxaire and designed by the architecture studio formed by Lis Figueras and Toni Vidal, in order to obtain the A energy certification label.

The building will be built with a mixed structure of wood and metal and will include a total of eight houses and a community space that will become a showcase for the neighbourhood artistic and cultural initiatives, thus creating an open space for all.

La Xarxaire will be located at Carrer Joan de Borbó, 11 in La Barceloneta neighbourhood, a quarter that used to be popular for its traditional fishing activity. Today, the social and urban structures of this neighbourhood are being hit by a process of gentrification, an issue triggered by the mass tourism phenomenon and the consequent urban speculation. Thus, the idea of ​​this project is to create a sustainable, integrative housing project that represents a new model in La Barceloneta and, by extension, in the whole city of Barcelona.


Image source: Lis Figueras and Toni Vidal

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