strategies for a Sustainable and Viable Construction

The technical system of the dominant production model
is based on the constant consumption of material, causing a rapid decline of the natural capital available and returning it in form of waste and emissions to the deteriorating natural systems.
The social commitment to sustainability demands an organic use of resources, recycling them completely through the biosphere or through the technical system, i.e. closing the loop on materials.
The demand for sustainable building
requires new practices in the building sector, that have to be technically and economically viable. The methodology for achieving environmental quality includes:

  • an intial phase of current situation analysis;
  • the definition of environmental objectives; and
  • the developement of specific actions.

We define the best viable actions in order to modify an existent reality and develop new projects in a sustainable direction.
Our focus derives from methodologies developed in the environmental analysis field and in the definition of Agenda 21’s goals, as well as from positive traditional architecture methodologies.
Our vast experience allows us to work on buildings and their habitability, with the necessary approach to other fields of knowledge (biology, geology, engineering, urban planning, etc..), fully tailoring each project we work in.
We propose a paradigm shif
our work approach is based in embracing sustainability paradigm in the building sector, closing the loop on material flows as a necessary condition to achieve sustainability
At Societat Orgànica we work to strive in the field of sustainable building, in areas like research, technical consulting, traninig and capacity building and communication. We develop in-house tailored tools and generate information datasets on material flows that allow us to reflect and move forward towards sustainability in construction
Commited to Sustainability and Green Building
In 1998 Societat Orgànica members started their professional activity in the field of sustainable construction.
In 2004, we joined forces to create Societat Orgànica, an organization born to become an independent reference in the rigor and commitment to sustainability in building.
At Societat Orgànica we provide our own methodology in consulting, training, communication, R&D and environmentalization projects, with an approach based on circular economy and life cycle analysis.
Our participation in several research institutions allows us to develop in-house work tools and the availability of an important benchmark of data on material flows, as well as a deep global reflection on the environmental improvement of the sector.