Development and implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Plan of Argentina

Research infrastructures in the Mercat del Peix area

European project CESBA-MED Sustainable Mediterranean Cities

Participation and work process for the definition of the metropolitan model of NZEB schools

Barcelona City Council: Projects for the climate

ENERSI and ENERPATH projects on research in energy efficiency data integration systems

European project RELS: energy efficiency in home rehabilitation

SENDA, tool to help the design and environmental assessment of new construction penthouses

Strategies and actions for environmental improvement in the process of restoration of metro stations

Research proposal on criteria of planning, programming, architectural design and sustainability factors of the accommodation centers of reference companies “Vivarium”

Project VALTEC 09-2-0032-00: new procedure for the hidden layout of wired installations

European project Marie (Mediterranean Building Rethinking for Energy Efficiency Improvement)

Façade fb720: Report on the life cycle analysis of the materials

RÉPENER project: control and improvement of energy efficiency in buildings with the use of repositories

RMT-NITA Natural thermal insulation: Analysis of the life cycle and opportunities for improvement

Reusable and recyclable flexible/rigid floor: Life cycle analysis and improvement options

Participation in the program UPCO2 about energy and emissions reduction in buildings

Tool for diagnosis and proposals for improvement in homes energy and water consumption