Urban regeneration program with sustainable public procurement measures

Master rehabilitation plan for the Llatzeret of Mahón

Research infrastructures in the Mercat del Peix area

Barcelona City Council: Projects for the climate

Bases for the transformation of the area of the old “Mercat del Peix”

The Model transformation proposals – Master plan

Incorporation of environmental criteria in the PEMU Illa Glòries

Parc Tecnològic Barcelona Activa’s building environmental analysis

Revision of the Environmental Protection Ordinance of the Barcelona Energy Agency

Environmental advice in the Master Plan and the project of a sustainable hotel in the Bahía de Ávalos in La Gomera

Preliminary studies to improve the energy demand of existing buildings and homes as criteria for reviewing existing aids

Previous study for the incorporation of environmental parameters in the rehabilitation of the AMB buildings

Evaluation and improvement of energy efficiency of the buildings of the Department of Infrastructure and Equipment of the Area of Quality of Life, Equality and Sports of the City of Barcelona

PIMA SOL, program to improve energy and CO2 emissions in hotels

Documentation of environmental information on thermal insulation products

Environmental, design and verification requirements for the Pla de Baix de Domeny area

Partial Plan of the UA-Suble-01 sector “El Falgueró” in Andorra

Façade fb720: Report on the life cycle analysis of the materials

Environmanetal standards for public housing in Balearic Islands

Revision of Bogotá’s building code

Palma Beach: a model of environmental retrofit of buildings

How to make a sustainable project. Environmental improvement method for building projects

RMT-NITA Natural thermal insulation: Analysis of the life cycle and opportunities for improvement

Reusable and recyclable flexible/rigid floor: Life cycle analysis and improvement options

Participation in the program UPCO2 about energy and emissions reduction in buildings

Advice on energy efficiency and waste management in the restoration of the PCiTAL building in Lleida

Ecomaterials: circular economy strategies for building materials