Vitoria’s Europa Palace of Congresses for Green Capital 2012


The Palacio de Congresos Europa de Vitoria-Gateiz is a clear example of sustainable rehabilitation. Societat Orgànica  participated in the environmental consultancy previous to the retrofit process and expansion of Vitoria’s Europa Palace of congresses.

In 1989, the Palacio de Congresos was built with the aim of being the Basques venue for conferences, events, meetings, fairs, etc. After 22 years of operation, it was decided to carry out the rehabilitation works in order to turn it into an environmentally sustainable edition;  in 2012 Vitoria-Gasteiz would be the Green Capital.

The façade has 1,492 sqm of wich 1,000 sqm are composed of a vertical plantation made by Urbanarbolismo y Unusualgreen studios. The main characteristic is that this vertical garden contains autochthonous varieties of Álava ans the Basque Country.


Developer: Vitoria’s city council

Year: 2012

Place: Vitoria, Basque Country.

Services: Environmental consultqancy in energy, water, materials and waste.


Renovation, Terciario