Playa de Palma: a model of environmental retrofit of buildings

Palma Beach, Mallorca


Pilot project for the environmental impact reduction: evaluation and consultancy for the sustainable retrofit of a multi-family building in Playa de Palma, Mallorca.

Determination of a retrofitting model for the reduction of the environmental impact of residential buildings, for a reduction of 50% or more of its environmental impacts (energy, water and materials consumption, waste) considering a 50-year long life span. The retrofit methodology, can be extended to any building retrofit.


Developer: Consorci de Platja de Palma

Client: Consorci de Platja de Palma

Place: Singladura st, Dofí st amd Pius IX square, Palma Beach, Mallorca

Year: 2010

Budget: 1.100.000,91 €

Area: 1.950,00 m²


Photography rights: Consorci de Platja de Palma