La Lleialtat Santsenca's building environmental advice - Societat orgànica
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La Lleialtat Santsenca’s building environmental advice


In this project, Societat Orgànica, carried out the rehabilitation of the building with very high environmental efficiency criteria and the maximization of passive functioning. All distribution spaces and the large body space 3 are not actively heated, but maintain the comfort conditions thanks to good passive design and automated management of bioclimatic systems, such as natural ventilation openings and shading systems . In this way, the total volume is reduced to actively climate control and, consequently, the consumption of ventilation and air conditioning is reduced.

An in-depth study of the functioning of the body 3 was made from the point of view of the movement of air, with a CFD tool (computational fluid dynamics).


Developer: Barcelona City Council – Sants district.

Arquitect: HArquitectes.

Year: 2012-2013.

Place: Barcelona.

Services: Environmental consultancy.


Photography rights: Anna Agramunt Adell


Renovation, Terciario