ICTA-ICP’s building environmental advice


Located at the southern entrance of the UAB Campus, the new ICTA-ICP has an area of about 9,400 sqm distributed in 6 floors, four of which are offices, laboratories and common spaces, one corresponds to parking, one corresponds to warehouses and the upper plant is a greenhouse for agricultural research activities. The building has been designed with high sustainability criteria showing a clear commitment to sustainability. Designed by two teams of architects, dataAE and H Architects, the building is awarded with LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) GOLD by USBGC (US Green Building Council) with a score of 73 points.


Developer: UAB

Arquitect: H arquitectes, DataAE

Year: 2010-2014

Place: Bellaterra, Barcelona

Services: Environmental consultancy (energy, water, materials and waste in the building life cycle), energy certification and LEED (Gold) certification.


Photography rights: Anna Agramunt Adell


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