Tool for diagnosis and proposals for improvement in homes energy and water consumption

Computer tool for housing users, destined to assessment and determination of improvement actions in energy and water use, accessible by internet. Works using invoice data of an approximate simulation based in the housing data, given by the user.


Creation of the idea, tool IT application with a fast data entry (do not must overtake 10 minutes) and a simple results interpretation (this must be understood by people without experience in the area), allows the housing user to get a diagnosis and in its own case in comparison with an standard situation. This water and energy analysis must bring also practical information about how to reduce through user three intensity levels of intervention: changes in its use rules, slight modification of the installations and reforms of the construction systems, heating, illumination, toilets, etc. The project included the research on the statistical data used by the tool, booth to determine the energy and water consumption of the reference model, to estimate the ones of the house to be analysed, as well as their interpretation in order to carry out a comparative evaluation. The writing of the improvement tips are offered along with the diagnosis.


Developer: Comunidad de Madrid

Client: Gas Natural Fenosa

Any projecte: 2007

Application area: Spain

Web version: Capgemini


Photography rights: Comunidad de Madrid