Building evaluation and certification Postgraduate degree


Postgraduate degree “Environmental quality on buildings: methodologies and intervention tools”. Professional training course about environmental quality examination and certification of building quality to be built and rehabilitated, aimed at professionals and building technicians.


General data

CATAEEB / Development: Three editions have been carried out between 2010 and 2012 /Course form: 32 in person sessions of 3 hours per each, 96 formation hours in total. Most sessions are imparted in class, although some of them are relative to building work visit and working buildings / Participant: groups about 10 to 40 students / Work status: finished, although there will be new editions in the future.


Work done

Idea creation, course direction, investigation and contents actuation, development of some classroom presentations, bibliography, teaching, coordination, building work visit and attention to student queries.



The course is divided in four parts: 1. Introduction (sustainability and architecture, building life cycle analysis ) that includes two sessions, 2. Tools and procedure (analysis tools and global certification, standards and certification and building energy grade, like LEED, BREEAM, Verde, IHOBE, GaBi, Simapro, Minergie, PassivHau, LIDER, CALENER, VyP y GT, etc.) that includes thirteen sessions, 3. Concepts and strategies for the main environmental vectors  (urban planning, energy, water, materials, waste and bio-habitability) that includes eleven sessions, 4. Study cases (practical examples based in the main evaluation and certification systems analysed) that includes six sessions. In all parts, the contents are organised from the vision of buildings life cycle, paying attention to environmental vectors and focused on the application of theoretical concepts learned in the professional practice, project management and rehabilitation.