(Español) Exigencias ambientales, de diseño y verificación para el área Pla per a l’àrea Pla de Baix de Domeny a Girona


Environmental assessment  to determinate the environmental requests and design documents and verification of normative compliance for the Pla de Baix de Domeny (Girona) area.


General data

Cleint: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya(UPC) (DCA1-GAT) / Developer: Girona City Council / Placement: nordwest area of Girona / Surface of the partial plan: 252,725 sqm / Work status: urban regulations with incorporated environmental requirements, design and verification documents written and pending approval.


Work done

Technical and environmental assessment, with collaboration with Architecture and Technology Group of the Department of Architectural Constructions 1 of UPC, for the definition and methodology of verification of reduce criteria for reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption, water consumption and materials, as well as, generation of solid waste and CO2 emissions in the buildings to be built in a new area of the city of Gerona. The work included the interaction with the technicians of the Area of Urbanism of the City council of Girona for the adaptation and revision of all the elaborated documentation, in part still pending of approval.


Environmental results

Besides of the adaptation of urban regulations of Pla de Baix de Domeny to the environmental criteria of construction that Girona City Council decided to drive (preservation of green areas, control absorption of sun radiation, reduction of energy and water consume, reduction of waste creation, etc. it has been developed technical documents that establish the design criteria and verification mechanisms of various topics, among them: Functional models of galleries glazing for obtaining thermal performance, Effect of ventilation on internal heat dissipation and energy saving in refrigeration, Efficient water management systems and the use of reclaimed water and Waste management for the reduction of generation and the increase in recycling at construction sites.



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