Environmental consultancy in the project of the Science, Environment and Climate Musem in Lleida


Environmental advice in the executive project of the new Museum of Science, the Environment and the Climate of Lleida.


General data

Client: Estudi d’arquitectura Toni Gironès Saderra / Promoter: Empresa Municipal d’Urbanisme de Lleida / Location: Turó de Gardeny, Lleida / Area: 4.750 m2 / Work status: report in the final project / Other collaborators: BOMA (structures) and PGI Grup (facilities).


Work done

Technical and environmental advice to the design team, the Estudi d’Arquitectura Toni Gironès Saderra, for the maximum possible reduction of environmental impacts (consumption of energy, water and materials, as well as generation of waste) throughout the life cycle of the future building. The advice was based on the evaluation, analysis and determination of improvement options, through the modeling of the behavior of the building in the different environmental vectors, which, following a technical, normative and economic evaluation, have been incorporated into the building project.


Environmental results

In energy, according to the energy simulation developed with the LIDER program and having verified by other tools the thermal and light comfort, the saving in demand is of 51% in heating and 34% in cooling (44% in the total of air conditioning) with respect to a building that complies with the regulations in their minimum values. The saving of drinking water is 87% (includes the use of rainwater and gray). In materials, technical criteria have been developed for decreasing consumption per unit of service and strictly using natural renewable and / or recycled industrial options. In waste, the technical criteria necessary for selective separation (100%) and recycling (85%) of all construction waste have been determined.



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