Environmental consulting in the design of the Public State Library in Barcelona


Environmental consultancy during the phases of preliminary and final design of the new Public State Library in Barcelona promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.


General data

Client: UTE Nitidus & Bet-arq (designers) / Developer: Ministerio de Cultura de España / Location: Avenida del Marquès de l’Argentera, Passeig de la Circumval·lació, Barcelona / Gross Floor area: 20.100 m2 / State of study: final design in process.


Work done

Technical and Environmental consultancy during design phases, in order to achieve maximal reduction of environmental impacts (energy, water, materials and waste) in the building life cycle. The study has been carried out basing on the analysis, evaluation and definition of improvement scenarios, by modeling the building behavior in the different environmental vectors. Viable options have been integrated in the project. In order to measure the different strategies from an environmental point of view, a reference building has been generated, with the same characteristics as the proposed, but with minimum regulatory compliance.


Environmental quality

Energy: Implementing bioclimatic solutions such as natural ventilation, thermal mass and façade optimization, together with a reduction of internal heat sources, 40% savings in conditioning energy demand have been achieved. Regarding HVAC equipment, high efficiency equipment has been chosen fitting the energy demand, together with regulation and control systems which, all together, achieve a CO2 emission reduction of 50%. Harvesting and utilization of rain- and greywater, combined with efficient sanitary solutions bring to a considerable reduction in drinkable water consumption. Materials: by means of a diminution of consumption per service unity and the substitution of conventional products with recycled or of natural origin ones, 55% savings in CO2 emissions have been achieved. Waste: technical criteria of selective separation and recycling have been determined.