(Español) Reducción de emisiones de CO2 a los nuevos edificions del sector Levante, Figueres


Environmental assessment to determine criteria for reducing CO2 emissions in the design of new buildings in the urban area to be transformed in the Llevant Sector, Figueres.


General data

Client: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (directed by Albert Cuchí, DCA1) / Developer: Figueres City Council / Placement: east area of the town / approximate surface: 200.000 sqm / Other participants: Lluís Brau (urbanism project), Rafael Cáceres (architecture project) and Salvador Rueda (urban ecology) / Work status: preliminary study delivered.


Work done

Assessment for the definition of a methodology and design criteria to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the life cycle to be applied in residential and tertiary buildings. The work deepened the analysis of the phases of production of materials and use of the building comparing the values ​​of reference building (conventional) with the one projected for the sector (proposal). In the first case, constructive systems were determined under emissives (low impact materials, low maintenance, reversible unions, recyclability) while in the second, measures to reduce demand (thermal insulation and inertia, cross ventilation, solar control, etc.) were considered. .) and increase in energy efficiency (centralization of thermal generation and accumulation, efficient systems such as micro-cogeneration, increase in solar energy collection, etc.) as well as a management system for the resources used by buildings in their cycle of lifetime.

Environmental results

Comparing the proposed building model with respect to the conventional model, in terms of CO2 emissions and up to this stage of study, in the material production phase a 50% saving is achieved while in the use phase of the buildings a 25% savings is achieved. %. However, the study advances that, deepening the emission reduction model, it is possible to reach savings of 70% in the production phase of materials and almost 100% in the use phase of buildings.