In 2050 the maximum level of energy efficiency of buildings will be achieved

Last April, a plenary session was held in the European Union where it was agreed that in 2050 will be the deadline to achieve the maximum level of energy efficiency of buildings in Europe. This proposal is based on the renovation of long-term housing, in order to reduce the associated emissions between 80% and 85% compared to the levels achieved in 1990.

The agreement was made between the European Parliament and the Council of the European UnionOnce approved by the Council, the revised directive on energy efficiency of buildings will be published in the Official Journal of the EU, which will come into force 20 days later. Since then, member countries will have 20 months to make all the necessary changes in their legislation.


How will objectives the objectives be?


The idea of ​​this plan is that, in order to achieve the expected results in 2050, medium and short term objectives will have to be included in the years prior to the established deadline. In addition, to achieve the maximum level of energy efficiency, intelligent tools will also be created, such as the “intelligence indicator”, that will serve to measure the capacity of buildings to improve their functioning and their interaction with the system, according to the occupants needs; proposal that is expected to be developed by the end of 2019.


From Societat Orgànica, as a cooperative that works on the environmental improvement of the building, we consider that this is an important step for the establishment of stricter regulations, and with it, to move towards a sustainable and energy efficient society. An example of our work is the collaboration with the Green Building Council in the advice for the Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development) on the updating of the regulations of the Spanish building, in the areas of materials, water and Circular Economy.


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