SO delivers a course on energy efficiency in buildings and university spaces at the NUVM in Argentina

From 24 to 26 April, members of Societat Orgànica, Fabián López and Gerardo Wadel will deliver the course-workshop: ‘Energy efficiency in buildings and university spaces’ at the National University of Villa María (NUVM) in Argentina, organized by the same university and with the support of the National Interuniversity Council.

The objective of the course is to develop the initial knowledge necessary to reduce the energy expenditure in buildings and university spaces, from new works and from management of existing infrastructures, that result in low investment actions.

The course follows the workshop modality with theoretical support and is based on the learning by doing methodology applied to real cases of projects in development and existing buildings. In groups of up to five students, various buildings of the UNVM and other public universities will be audited. A proposal for improvement, project and management will be developed, as well as a first approach to its implementation and results. The course will also focus on construction and installation systems, as well as on their management and use, in order to reduce energy and costs related to energy and maintenance services.

The course is intended for technicians involved in the project, tender, construction and management phases of buildings and university spaces.


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