SO participates in a Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings course at the Cadis College of Architects

Fabián López, in representation of Societat Orgànica, is one of the teachers of the course “El edificio de consumo casi nulo” (Nearly Zero Energy building), given at the Universidad de Cádiz (Cadis University) in the framework of the agreement signed with the Colegio de Arquitectos de Cádiz (Cadis College of Architects).

This course deals with the strategies that affect all the elements that determine the design of a building and that allow to achieve habitability and comfort with the demand of almost zero consumption according to the EPBD 2010 EU directive, meaning those buildings with a very high level of energy efficiency and, therefore, very low energy consumption during its use phase.

The course, with 43 participants, is intended for both members and non-members of the Cadis Colleges of Architects and is taught in 3 modules between February 14 and 21; on April 5 and 6; May 10, 11 and 31; and on June 1.

Nzeb (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) is one of the core areas of specialisation of Societat Orgànica, with flagship projects liket La Casa Díez in Valldoreix.


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