Fabián López participates in ‘Els Matins de Barcelona’ radio program on Betevé Ràdio

On March 5, coinciding with the World Day of Energy Efficiency, Fabián López, representing Societat Orgànica (SO), participated in the radio talk show “Els matins de Barcelona” on Betevé Radio, directed by the journalist Núria Ferré. He talked about the prices of energy together with Susanna Roig, from Taula del Tercer Sector, and Josep Babot, member of Aliança contra la Pobresa Energètica.

In the interventions proposed by the moderator, the high price of energy was analysed as one of the causes of energy poverty and possible intervention strategies were presented. Fabián presented some possible intervention strategies on Barcelona’s buildings stock, based on SO previous experiences in rehabilitation and diagnostic work. Among these experiences are the RELS project, in which the Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya (AHC, Housing Agency of Catalonia) participates; the diagnosis of Housing of Official Protection in Granollers, implemented by the Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council) and the AHC, among others.

In the aforementioned works, different improvement and intervention options were identified, from passive actions to improve the envelope of the buildings, with high cost and complexity of execution, to actions related to users billing, such as the unification of electricity meters, of less difficulty of execution but with enormous legal difficulties of implementation by the generation and distribution companies.


For more information, you can listen to the podcast with the full debate through this link.

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